Cold Sores Patient Guide
Developed by the dermatologists of Skin Care Guide

Tips to prevent cold sores

Tips to prevent cold sores
How can I avoid those ugly eruptions?

There are things you could do to try to prevent cold sores from occurring

  • Use skin protectants, with sun protection factor, frequently on lips and surrounding skin especially before sun or wind exposure since UV light can trigger cold sore outbreaks
  • Avoid triggers that can reactivate the virus such as windburn, UV light (sun and tanning booths), dry lips, emotional stress, fatigue, food allergies
  • Be aware of unpreventable triggers such as menstruation, fever, illness, allergic reactions, physical injury, dental injury, facial trauma (including facial surgery, laser therapy, chemical peels)
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Learn techniques to deal with stress
  • Do not share cutlery, cups, glasses, water bottles, towels, razors
  • Use proper hygiene, wash hands carefully and frequently